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Samuel Vincent is an independent filmmaker, screenwriter, mostly known for his unforgettable creation, Natalie. He's also had a few supporting acting roles, including a character in one of his original films, Temptation, among others.

For most young boys growing up in the Caribbean, playing soccer and marbles were the preferred activities. Vincent's childhood was a bit different. Although he participated in such activities, the camera was always his passion. His curiosity for filmmaking began at the age of 10. "I love good storytelling and hate the unknown," says Vincent. He spent most of his youth discovering the wonders of the camera and creating short films and home videos of family and friends with his first camera gifted to him by his father.


Vincent later attended Miami Lakes Educational Technical School for television broadcasting and earned his Adobe video editing certification. He filmed his first feature film, Temptation, Followed by Natalie.
Vincent directed other independent film projects, including Endurance, Forgiveness 1, Forgiveness 2, Sarah 1, Sarah 2, The Homeless, and Mea Culpa, to name a few, as well as music videos. Further, Vincent was the Director of Photography for Lala, Married Men, Un Plaisir Mortel 2, Division, Remo, Oasis, and director, screenwriter, editor for Loyal-T. One of his best work thus far, Michael Smith, is yet to come.
"Filmmaking is time-consuming. However, I love what I do and always strive for the perfect final product," expressed Vincent. His goal is to break into the international film industry.
Currently, Vincent has made himself available for filming, directing, and editing projects and may be reached at (305) 396-1621 or through the contact page.

“It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.”

– Paul Arden

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